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Adoption fees include all age-appropriate shots, spay/neuter, microchip and transport.


$450 Puppies

$375 Adult dogs
$300 Kittens
$200 Adult cats


The adoption begins with submitting an application as the first step. If an application appears to be a match for the particular dog or puppy, we arrange for a phone interview at your convenience. Once the phone interview takes place we arrange for a meet and greet IF the dog is fostered in New England.  If the dog is fostered in Georgia we can arrange for a phone call between the prospective adopter and the Foster. Often, additional pictures or video can be provided. Next, references are checked and you will be contacted via email or phone that you've been approved for adoption. Upon approval of your application, we ask for the adoption fee to be paid in full in order to put a hold on your dog and secure a reservation on transport. $100 of that is a non-refundable deposit should you change your mind. Currently, transports arrive in the northeast every Sunday morning. Our transport driver makes several stops in each state.


The application process can take up to a week from start to finish. Please notify your references that we will be calling so they return our call and avoid delaying your application. We make every attempt to let you know the status of your app, but sometimes we get an overabundance of apps for the same dog; in this case, we will publish the status of the dog you applied for online on Adopt a Pet.  We do NOT have paid staff. We are all VOLUNTEERS so your patience is appreciated. 


Thank you for adopting and not shopping!

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