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Please print, fill out, sign, and bring the adoption contract with you to the transport destination. The contract is located in the word document icon for your convenience. Alternatively you may wish to copy, paste, and print the contract located below. 


Please print, sign and bring signature page with you to transport.










Telephone Numbers:




Name of animal at time of adoption:




Adopters’ signature: ___________________________________________






SOS Rescue representative releases full responsibility and ownership of the above named animal, to the above named person. 

Adoption fees are considered non-refundable, the adopter agrees to abide by the terms of the adoption listed below:



My signature below indicates that I am at least 21 years of age and intend to be the legal owner and the person responsible for the care and well-being of any dog I adopt from SOS Rescue,  I understand that any misrepresentation of the facts in this application will invalidate the adoption agreement and give SOS Rescue the right to reclaim the dog without refund of the adoption fee.


Medical: This pet is available for adoption and is apparently healthy. I understand that the dog has been given certain basic inoculations and other medical treatment for problems that SOS Rescue is aware of and can treat before adoption.  Although the animal appears well, an appointment for consultation with a local veterinarian should be made as soon as possible.  I understand that copies of all medical records pertaining to this dog will be provided during the adoption process.


I realize that my animal may have undiagnosed medical problems or may be incubating common parasites. I accept responsibility for the continued veterinary care of the animal. I understand that SOS Rescue will not be able to provide further assistance with diagnosis and management of this animal, but will take the animal back with no questions asked.  I also understand that arrangements for return may take up to 2 weeks so that a new foster home can be found. 


The dog I am adopting is accepted by me “as is.” I agree to provide yearly checkups, shots, and flea/tick and heartworm prevention. I understand that SOS Rescue makes no representations or warranties regarding the current or future medical condition of the dog and is not responsible for additional medical care for the dog. 


Temperament: I understand that SOS Rescue makes no representations or warranties regarding the dog’s behavior with adults, children, or other animals, nor provides guarantees as to the dog’s characteristics, personality or training. I understand and agree that SOS Rescue is not responsible for any injuries or property damage resulting from the possession or ownership of this dog.


Care/Housing:  As this dog’s new owner, I accept full responsibility for maintaining a reasonable level of care for this dog including food, water, grooming, adequate sanitation, exercise, attention, safety, shelter and prompt veterinarian diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions. The dog will live as a family companion and reside in my home. The dog will not be kept as an outside dog. I will not let the dog run free without supervision, or be chained outside all day or all night.  The dog will not be allowed around children less than 14 years of age without adult supervision, or be allowed to ride loose in the back of a truck, or remain unattended in any vehicle in extreme temperatures (over 70 degrees Fahrenheit). I will license the dog in the town I live in according to the state to which I reside in local laws. I will not alter my dogs’ physical appearance in any way such as tail or ear cropping. I will also ensure that the dog wears an identification tag in case they should become separated from me for any reason.


Adoption Termination: Should for any reason the dog be returned either by the owner or as required by SOS Rescue, all cost will be the responsibility of the adopter.  Please note arrangements for return may take up to 2 weeks so that a new foster home can be found.  The dog may not be sold or given to a new home without prior written approval. SOS Rescue reserves the right to an ongoing review of this adoption and to follow up on any complaints or reports to protect the welfare of this dog. If the terms of this agreement are not satisfactorily upheld by the adopter, and/or if any misrepresentations have been made to SOS Rescue in order to obtain this dog, SOS Rescue reserves the right per the Agreement and can demand the immediate return of the dog to SOS Rescue by the adopter. I agree to relinquish custody immediately upon request without the need for further legal writ or court order should the terms of this agreement be violated. 


I, on behalf of myself and all persons resident in the household where the dog will reside, hereby accept possession of title to the above named dog and responsibility for the animal identified above and hereby release, indemnify and discharge SOS Rescue and its directors, officers, employees and agents, forever from and against any liability for any injury or damage to any person or property caused in the future by this adoption, or by said dog, and from and against any causes of actions, suits or demands whatsoever that may arise as a result of such injury or damage.


Please note: ownership transfers to you once final payment has been made and your dog boards the transport van. Please ensure you abide by any local and state ordinances concerning bringing animals into your state. We are happy to coordinate third party transport, but of course you can arrange transport with whomever you please.


Thank you for adopting this very special animal

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